How To Find Renewed Purpose And Become A Better Creator

How To Find Renewed Purpose And Become A Better Creator

Episode 45 – How To Find Renewed Purpose And Become A Better Creator with Geoff Nicholson.

Another great conversation about mindset and motivation which have a direct impact on our ability to create better content faster.

I am joined by performance and mindset coach Geoff Nicholson, the host of the Success IQ podcast and author of an extensive blog series:

In this episode Geoff Nicholson and I talk about:

  • how a dramatic life event encouraged Geoff to learn new skills that he can share with others
  • being the engine behind our content creation and how our energy levels and mindset can impact our own efforts
  • the way you think can really influence your body and how you can take control more often than not
  • the effect of stress on our cognitive function and how we should seek out higher levels of relaxation
  • why being ‘positively selfish’ is perfectly fine for entrepreneurs and content creators and why removing distraction is key
  • techniques and mental training to achieve ‘flow’ and the importance of letting go of your ego
  • the benefits of short and simple meditation, controlling the environment with music, light, scent or a different location altogether
  • why you need to dedicate time to self-development and create your own systems and processes that will facilitate your work as a content creator
  • his ‘S.H.I.F.T.S’ framework and how he uses the model to help his clients achieve their full potential and the results that they want
  • the power of great conversations and purposeful actions and why happiness should be a central goal
  • and so much more!

About Geoff Nicholson

Geoff Nicholson The Entrepreneurs Mindset Coach on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Geoff Nicholson is the founder of GN Coaching and the Entrepreneurs Mindset Coach, he specialises in the field of performance, resilience and stress management. Geoff works with high performing individuals and organisations supporting them to get the maximum performance and productivity with the massive added benefits of creating a better work life balance.

Geoff is also the host of the Success IQ Podcast and an active blogger and speaker about creating and living an exceptional life.

Geoff Nicholson Official Website

The Success IQ Podcast

Geoff Nicholson on YouTube

Geoff Nicholson on Linkedin

Geoff Nicholson on Twitter

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