How To Create Content For Serious Or Boring Industries

How To Create Content For Serious Or Boring Industries

Episode 9: How To Create Content for Serious or Boring Industries With Richard Tubb.

In this episode of The Content Marketing Studio, we interview IT industry expert and profilic content creator Richard Tubb who shares his experience and insights on how to be successful in content marketing even when you think you are not interesting enough.

Watch the video interview replay below:

In this episode we explore the following areas:

  • Why there is real value in approaching content creation for you to begin with
  • How content creation can help clarify your thoughts and make you a better networker
  • Why it is best to think about blogging and vlogging as a form of ‘journaling’
  • Why you will not always know that people are consuming and enjoying your content
  • What reasons business owners would give to suggest that content marketing is not for them
  • Why content creation techniques are not as important as being helpful and sincere
  • How to begin your journey with micro-content such as short articles or mini-videos
  • Why having conversations with your clients will give you the best ideas for content creation
  • What steps Richard Tubb is using to create and publish his podcast and video episodes
  • Why you need to believe that we are in the age of ‘narrow-casting’ with niche audiences
  • How to encourage your colleagues to actively share updates and news to support marketing
  • Why Facebook Live can be used by people working in serious or boring industries

Key resources mentioned in this episode:

  • The Pomodoro time management technique / used by Richard Tubb and his clients to dedicate time to content creation
  • zoom h5 / portable audio recorder for podcast episodes and video interviews
  • audacity / free audio editing software to clean up and add/remove sound segments
  • libsyn / podcast hosting platform which offers publishing and syndication options
  • seth godin and tom peter on blogging / extract of video recording from ‘inside the enterpreneurial mind’ conference
  • buffer / allows you to curate content and find inspiration for new ideas, useful to schedule posts across social media platforms too
  • smarterqueue / another popular post scheduling and recycling platform for smart content marketer
  • hootsuite / used by Richard Tubb to keep track of online conversations and to answer questions or react to comments
  • show you work / book by Austin Kleon about getting discovered as an entrepreneur or artist

About Richard Tubb

Photo ofRichard Tubb on The Content Marketing Studio Show

Richard Tubb is a well-known face within the British IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) community. After successfully growing and selling his own MSP business, Richard launched his consultancy practice dedicated to helping IT business owners tackle their many challenges.

Richard is a prolific blogger, podcaster and interviewer, he is also the author of the book “The IT Business Owners Survival Guide“.

If you would like more information on what was discussed in this episode, feel free to contact Richard Tubb on:

tubblog Putting IT Consultants Back In Control – The official website and blog

Thank you for watching and listening!

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