How To Create Better Content With Less Stress And More Energy

How To Create Better Content With Less Stress And More Energy

Episode 56 – How To Create Better Content With Less Stress And More Energy with Michelle McArthur-Morgan

Another great conversation about investing in yourself and building your resilience as a content creator.

I am joined by team building and leadership management expert Michelle McArthur Morgan to learn about healthier and smarter brain-based work practices:

In this episode Michelle McArthur-Morgan and I talk about:

  • what she means by working in a more brain-friendly way and the many benefits for individuals and professionals
  • why we should be kinder to ourselves and how to develop real empathy by having an interest in others
  • creating great content requires a more relaxed mind so that our cognitive thinking is not overtaken by too many emotions
  • different ways to improve your productivity and enjoyment as a content creator:
    • establish a routine that works for you
    • have a dedicated workspace
    • a greater degree of self-awareness
    • know your working and behavioural preferences
    • build in time for yourself everyday
  • the Jigsaw Discovery Tool and how it is used by her customers to better understand themselves and their colleagues
  • qualities and attributes of team leaders based in her work with small and large teams
  • combining scheduled and impromptu discussions with your team members in particular with video calls
  • stress triggers, what they can be and how to cope better with them
  • her top tips to build up your resilience and energy as an individual and content creator (so helpful!)
  • accepting what you cannot control and finding ways to increase certainty in areas you can control
  • and so much more!

About Michelle McArthur-Morgan


Michelle McArthur-Morgan from Jigsaw At Work on The Content Marketing Studio with host Pascal Fintoni

Michelle McArthur-Morgan is the founder of Jigsaw@Work and the creator of the Jigsaw Discovery Tool – a tactile, interactive and exciting way to learn about yourself and others, increase mindful working practices, build stronger relationships, and highly effective teams.

Michelle is passionate about people, personal development and delivering learning solutions that offer a long term benefit to individuals and organisations. Her brain-based approach helps learners to tap into the potential of their minds and develop higher level cognitive skills required for effective problem solving and decision making.

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