How To Create And Implement A Simple Content Strategy

How To Create And Implement A Simple Content Strategy

Episode 49 – How To Create And Implement A Simple Content Strategy with Gudrun Lauret.

Being able to create better online content faster relies on more than just clever apps and tricks, a strategy informed by the right mindset is absolutely essential.

In this episode I am joined by content strategist and content producer Gudrun Lauret to discuss her client work, her special programme for heritage organisations and her podcast:

In this episode Gudrun Lauret and I talk about:

  • her passion for reading and writing which started at a very young age and how she launched a newspaper for her friends and family
  • how she was first published as a writer at the age of 14, studied journalism and worked for The Crack magazine, and after a small professional detour came back to content production
  • the steps she would take her clients though to get their content marketing strategy back on track and why you should play to your strengths
  • going beyond simple customer profiling and really understanding them as content consumers to inform your strategy and action plan
  • how to deal with nerves and self-doubt when producing and publishing content that will be read, watched and listened to by others
  • how she helps her clients come up with content ideas and the importance of reacting to events and content from your business and local communities
  • the benefits of adding curation as part of your content marketing strategy and why you should use it to build relationships with the original authors
  • how she came up with the special programme for heritage organisations and historical visitor attractions
  • her podcast series The Time Pieces History and why she went for the micro-podcasting format
  • an overview of the repurposing tactics for her clients’ content and how we should all get more value from our own content
  • and so much more!

About Gudrun Lauret

Gudrun Lauret Content Strategist and Content Producer on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Gudrun Lauret is an experienced content strategy and written content producer working with entrepreneurs to get the most from their existing content and helping them reach a wider audience. She also launched a programme for heritage organisations who need lots of original, well-written communications to promote their venues and increase visitor numbers. Gudrun is the host of The Time Pieces History podcast and is always sharing her passion as a workshop facilitator or as a guest speaker.

Gudrun Lauret Official Website

The Time Pieces History Podcast

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