How To Build Your Content Creation and Curation Toolkit

How To Build Your Content Creation and Curation Toolkit

Episode 15: How To Build Your Content Creation and Curation Toolkit.

In this episode, we look at more than 15 online tools and mobile apps that can help create and curate better content faster.

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[00:02:30] Compiling news roundups and best of… articles with and

[00:12:40] Embedding content such as Twitter or Facebook posts and keynote presentations from

[00:19:30] Researching questions your customers enter on Google with and

[00:25:30] Finding copyright free photos for your social content with and

[00:31:00] Editing photos and creating visuals for your blogs and social media posts with and

[00:40:45] Creating 2D animations and slideshows with and

[00:48:40] Producing online videos with quik by go pro for video compilations and for video interviews

[00:54:25] Recording phone calls and skype calls for podcasting with and ecamm call recorder

[01:01:55] One last tool for your toolkit! Find other online resources with

Can you think of any other online tools that should be included in our next roundup? If so, get in touch with your suggestions and we will add them to the list. Thanks.

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