How To Build Your Confidence And Tackle The Fear Of Live Video

How To Build Your Confidence And Tackle The Fear Of Live Video

Episode 1 – How To Build Your Confidence And Tackle The Fear Of Live Video with Ian Anderson Gray.

In this brand new video series, I am exploring how we can use moving images and sound in new and more immersive ways so that we can engage our online audiences better and faster.

I am joined by live video marketing consultant and speaker Ian Anderson Gray who is helping entrepreneurs and businesses all around the world to level up their impact with live video:

In this episode, Ian Anderson Gray and I talk about:

  • his own journey into live video consultancy driven by curiosity and a keen interest in online interaction
  • building your confidence by tapping into your natural empathy and interest in people
  • the importance of setting goals and connecting with the why, who, what
  • why you should have a mission statement and review it regularly
  • starting by getting in front the camera for short form content such as IG Stories, doing solo test and organising small private group sessions
  • his own checklist and the ‘BLAST’ methodology he has developed over the years to help clients launch their live shows
  • focusing on positive feedback, celebrating the work of others and getting support from other live video creators
  • the formats and structures of shows that do well, the before-during-after phases and how to plan for them
  • the importance of adopting content themes and asking your audience for suggestions
  • and so much more!

About Ian Anderson Gray

Ian Anderson Gray on the AR-VR Live Video Zone with Pascal Fintoni

Ian is the founder of Seriously Social and The Confident Live Marketing Academy, a sought-after consultant and international speaker he is also the host of the Confident Live Marketing live video series and podcast.

Ian has real a passion for teaching and making the techno-babble of live video and social media marketing easy to understand. He has trained as a professional singer and uses this knowledge of vocal techniques to help you become an even better communicator and  create an even greater online experience for your audience.

Ian Anderson Gray Official Website

The Confident Live Marketing Podcast

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