How To Build And Nurture Your Online Community

How To Build And Nurture Your Online Community

Episode 13: How To Build And Nurture Your Online Community with Mike Morrison.

In this episode, we have an in-depth conversation with membership website expert Mike Morrison about the challenges of building an audience and keeping your community engaged over a long period of time.

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In this episode we ask Mike Morrison to share his experience on:

  • What the challenges are when building an online community for the very first time
  • How to get the balance right between responding to your audience and stamping your own vision
  • What the steps are to discover your own voice and identity as a community manager
  • How you should have regular reviews with your audience to ensure you always provide a solution
  • Why you should not worry about standing out and sharing your opinions when helping others
  • Why there is a finite number of true fans you should be focused on and be willing to serve
  • What the tactics are to grow your twitter followers from 1 to 1,000 in a competitive world
  • How collaborating with influencers should be approached to avoid disappointment
  • Why understanding the art and science of keeping the conversation going is key to your success
  • How you could approach content creation with a list of topics as well as capturing the language of your audience
  • How often you should be blogging, creating podcast episodes and be offering live Q&A on Facebook each week
  • How setting an internet radio station in 2005 taught him many useful lessons for his podcast shows
  • Why you should go for ‘low tech’ solutions and set ups for your podcasting and Facebook live sessions
  • How you could repurpose your video or audio content to increase your online visibility
  • Why you should not have a single channel or format for your content marketing

Key resources mentioned in this episode or recommended by Mike Morrison:

  • Kevin Kelly 1000 True Fans / official website and article by Kevin Kelly
  • rode podcaster microphone / dynamic mic with USB connector used by Mike Morrison for recording his podcast episodes
  • audacity / the ubiquitous free and open source software to record and edit audio files
  • dropbox / cloud based file sharing platform used by Mike to allow his podcast editor to access the recordings securely
  • auphonic / free and fee-based audio post-production software to clean up sound and to add intros and outros
  • libsyn / podcast hosting and distribution service
  • smart podcast player / designed by Pat Flynn to provide podcast show creators a fully customisable player
  • open broadcaster software / open source software for live streaming and recording from your webcam
  • facebook live / live streaming solution provided by the most popular social network for Q&A sessions
  • zoom / video meeting and webinar platform used by Mike Morrison for his private coaching sessions
  • wirecast / software for live broadcasting from multiple screens and devices as well as titling, transitions, etc.

About Mike Morrison

Photo of Mike Morrison with logo of The Content Marketing Studio Show

Mike began his career in the digital world running his own agency and helping businesses of all shapes and sizes – including national brands such as McDonalds, ITV and He quickly developed a passion and a keen insight into audience engagement and launched the highly successful membership website consultancy with his business partner Callie Willows.

If you would like more information on what was discussed on this episode, feel free to contact Mike Morrison on:

the membership guys official website

Thank you for watching and listening!

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