How To Become A More Confident Copywriter And Blogger

How To Become A More Confident Copywriter And Blogger

Episode 22: How To Become A Confident Copywriter And Blogger With David Waugh and Adam Bushnell.

In this episode, we have two guests (!!) to help us explore the steps needed to create richer written content that will engage your online audience.

Book authors and creative writing consultants David Waugh and Adam Bushnell reflect on their work with children and professionals and share their suggestions for content marketers out there.

During our discussion, we ask David and Adam to share their views and thoughts on:

  • Why it is important to develop and nurture writing skills throughout your career
  • How David and Adam came up with the idea for their book ‘Inviting Writing’
  • What the key elements are to successful collaboration with other content creators
  • How to deal with the opinion of others and receiving criticism in a positive way
  • How having clear deadlines and beating them can really help with your creative writing
  • Why you should not let your poor perception of your handwriting get in the way
  • Why creating a supportive environment in the workplace is a key function of business leaders
  • How your early experiences at school can condition your thinking nowadays
  • Why you should always go through a phased approach of draft versions, revisions and final versions
  • How to begin your journey as a creative writer by ‘putting one word in front of the other’
  • Why the most impactful form of writing is to give an account of a real life experience
  • Why knowing and reflecting on who you are writing for is essential to adopt the right vocabulary
  • How to adopt the ‘smartie experience method’ to improve your creative writing
  • Why re-telling a personal story orally can really help you understand story structure
  • How using smells, visual and tactile experiences are important to invite your imagination
  • How to use WhatsApp and Twitter to encourage contributions for company news and updates
  • and so many more techniques…

Key resources mentioned in this episode or recommended by David and Adam:

  • Inviting Writing / latest book written by Adam Bushnell and David Waugh to plan, assess and develop children’s writing. The chapters cover every curriculum subject and explore the unique writing opportunities for each one
  • whatsapp / a messaging sharing platform to be used by teams to announce company news, personal achievements, examples of good practice and other relevant information
  • My Dyslexia by Philip Schultz / in this moving memoir, Schultz shows how a boy who did not learn to read until he was eleven went on to become a prize-winning poet by sheer force of determination
  • the spelling punctuation grammar app / created by David Waugh and colleagues to assist you during your creative copywriting and blogging efforts
  • the literacy shed / website packed with ideas, online resources and videos to animate a creative writing workshop or team building activity
  • Authors recommended by David and Adam: David Crystal / Haruki Murakami / Patrick Ness / Angela Carter / Will Self

About David Waugh and Adam Bushnell

Adam Bushnell and Dr David Waug on The Content Marketing Studio Show

David Waugh has worked in primary education for 42 years, first as a teacher in four schools and then as a teacher educator at two universities and as an adviser on literacy to the National Strategies. David has written more than 40 education books as well as web resources, an app and 5 children’s novels. He also writes regularly for Doncaster Rovers’ fanzine.

david waugh – durham university profile

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Adam Bushnell is an author of fiction and academic books who delivers creative writing lessons for children as a visiting author and courses for teachers around the world on how to develop writing in the classroom. Adam has already written 11 fictional books and and his next book will be ‘County Durham Folk Tales’ which will be published by the History Press in October 2017.

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