Google I/O 2017 Best Videos And Keynote Presentations

Google I/O 2017 Best Videos And Keynote Presentations

Inspired by our recent Google I/O 2017 conference round up, and as a precursor to my new video series ‘Le Video Curateur’ I wanted to create one central location for all my favourite videos. So here it is, I hope you enjoy the selection:

Main Keynote Presentations:

Google I/O Keynote with Sundar Pichai:

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project Keynote:

The Mobile Web: State Of The Union:

The Developer Keynote:

SEO and AMP Videos:

Stand Out On Google Search Using Structured Data and Search Analytics:

AMP Ads: Better Advertising On A Faster Web

From AMP to PWA: Progressive Web AMPs:

Website and App User Experience Videos:

Web Performance: Leveraging the metrics that most affect user experience:

Building beautiful, interactive AMP pages for e-commerce & beyond:

The Future Of Web Payments:

Creating UX that ‘just feels right’ with Progressive Web Apps:

Tools and Tips to Boost User Engagement and Retention:

Making the world your own with Google Maps APIs:

Boost user retention with behavioural insights:

Transactions with the Google Assistant:

Learn Web Security with Google:

Content Creation and Audience Engagement Videos:

How words can make your product stand out:

The Future of Audio and Video on the Web:

PullString: Storytelling in the Age of Conversational Interfaces:

AR, VR and Immersive Experience Videos:

VR, AR and paths to immersive computing:

What’s new on Daydream:

Daydream in the classroom: immersive learning:

Bringing VR Video apps to Daydream: Making great Daydream experiences with Unity:

Building Virtual Reality on the Web with WebVR:

Designing screen interfaces for VR:

Future Technologies Videos:

Build powerful custom apps fast with App Maker on G Suite

What is new at Google’s Internet Of Things?

Security for IoT on Android Things:

What is new  for Android TV?

Android Wear – What is new and best practice?

Exploring Google Maps Solutions

Finding the Right Voice Interactions for your App:

Past, Present and Future of AI / Machine Learning:

That’s it, my selection of the best or certainly most relevant videos to help us plan for the future of digital marketing.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and do get in touch with your thoughts and comments.

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