F8 Facebook 2017 Developer Conference Round Up

F8 Facebook 2017 Developer Conference Round Up

Episode 8: F8 Facebook 2017 Developer Conference Round Up

We are kicking off season 2 of The Content Marketing Studio show with an interview with Natalie Eminae who is sharing her highlights of this year’s Facebook conference.

Watch the replay of our Q&A below:

In this episode we discuss the following announcements from Facebook:

[00:01:25] Overview of F8 Facebook Conference:

source: Facebook Newsroom

source: Facebook Newsroom

[00:04:40] Facebook is focused on ‘Customer Journey’ not just ‘Customer Experience’:

  • Facebook moving from connecting people to creating ‘sense of belonging’ and communities

[00:07:05] Facebook forging ahead with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR):

Facebook F8 2017 Conference - Demonstration of Augmented Reality

  • Facebook using facial recognition and object recognition to help you add visual elements to your photos and videos
  • The phone becomes the enabler and as such giving access to VR and AR to all, glasses and headsets taking a backseat
  • Being an information provider is key and the expectation is that brands need to add value to the Facebook user community that is both entertaining and stimulating
  • AR is a logical evolution of captioning photos and videos with comments or additional information which will engage your audience
  • The Facebook algorithm is already favouring video content, AR and VR is most certainly the next ‘start content’ to be rewarded with higher reach and visibility

[00:23:05] Facebook inviting us to be innovative with Social Virtual Reality:

Facebook F8 2017 Conference - Demonstration of Social Virtual Reality

  • Facebook giving us the opportunity to innovate with virtual tours of locations, organising team meetings and training sessions in a truly immersive format

[00:30:50] Facebook Messenger continues to impress with direct messaging for brands and customer service bots:

Facebook F8 2017 Conference - Facebook Messenger Continues To Impress

  • Can you provide a better customer service using the Facebook Messenger app and API? From live chat to scheduling, ordering and paying for your services.

[00:42:10] Facebook attempting to improve Facebook Advertising platform including Analytics and Insights

[00:45:50] Facebook making its content more accessible with ‘Discover’ feature and search based on social activities and needs

[00:52:00] Facebook Workplace – the forgotten business communication tool for project teams

[00:56:05] Final words about Instagram and its rise in popularity across all business industries

Well, thank you so much Natalie for the update and your wonderful insights!

About Natalie Eminae

The Content Marketing Studio Show Interview with Natalie Eminae at Ococo Media

Natalie Eminae is the owner of Ococo Media and she specialises in helping small businesses achieve more through their social media channels. Keeping everything jargon-free Natalie and her team can take care of many aspects of your digital marketing activities from content creation to content promotion including social media advertising.

If you would like more information on what was discussed in this episode, feel free to get in touch with Natalie Eminae on: the official website for contacting Natalie Eminae

Thank you for watching and listening!

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